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Don’t forget to take the pulse with love at the beginning

About TSCMClinic

The origin of Tinshing Chinese Medicine Clinic (TSCMClinic), The founders of Tinshing Dojang (TSDJ), Mr. MoonWing CHEUNG and Mr. Hugo YU, practiced taekwondo when they were young and were injured. They were not properly managed at that time, so they were full of middle-aged people with old troubles. At this moment, they had a thought in their minds, ‘Why not open a Chinese medicine clinic to treat themselves well, and take care of more friends in need?’

TSCMClinic adheres to the tenet of TSDJ, which aims to educate every student with love, and diagnose and treat every customer with love.

Tinshing Chinese
Medicine Clinic

About our Parent Company
Tinshing Dojang (TSDJ)

The Member of Tinshing Dojang (TSDJ) Company
The company is established Tsuen Wan in July 2022, which provide Professional Chinese Medical Services.

Scope of Service 

All-professional Chinese medicine specialist clinic services, acupuncture treatment, bone injury reduction, massage, cupping and scraping.

Professional Service 

SEN acupuncture treatment

Repositioning of Bone Injury

Tinshing Dojang Company Limited (TSDJ) mainly come into contact with people from special groups, because they are a minority at social meetings, and they are the most easily overlooked group. They have certain difficulties in making friends and studying. He has a relatively high level of motivation, and is easily influenced by his peers in order to gain recognition from others. We hope that with the help of people with special education needs (SEN)’s trust in us, and through our experience of getting along and communicating with them, we can pass on the message of ‘positive life’ to the society. People from all walks of life, especially the SEN sector. We believe that as long as students have an interest or skill with a sense of achievement and self-confidence, they can have a positive outlook on life, and they can persevere in the face of adversity, so as to set foot on the bright side. Life.

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