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About Us

The teaching philosophy of Tinshing Dojang (TSDJ)  is ‘We can all do the same. We just learn a little slower.

TSDJ was founded in 2013 by Mr. MoonWing CHEUNG and Mr. Hugo YU. Since 2007, it has been silently holding Taekwondo Class for Special Education Needs (SEN), Ethnic Taekwondo Class, and Elderly Fitness Class. After the official establishment, it will be divided into the para taekwondo classes from the Hong Kong Joint Council of Parents of the Mentally Handicapped (HKJCPMH), the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association (HKDSA), the Neighborhood Advice-Action Council (NAAC), Lok Chi Association, HHCKLA Buddhist Po Kwong School (BPKS) and Tseung Kwan O Pui Chi School (TKOPCS). He also uses class-sized reduction (CSR) to learn, and leads students to participate in activities from time to time, such as voluntary Taekwondo classes. Including private taekwondo classes, fitness classes for the elders, Wing Chun classes, English classes and art classes, the number of people in the TSDJ class exceeded 250, of which more than 120 SEN people. Take care of your friends and friends. After over 10 years of being a SEN student, the founders, Mr. MoonWing CHEUNG and Mr. Hugo YU, felt that the support for SEN students at the meeting was insufficient, so they started to study para courses in HKU SPACE from 2019. I hope I can better understand the needs of SEN students and provide more help for them.

Under the current elite education system, the elite students who stand out among the entire students will be trained to become the stars of the stars, and their journeys are unlimited. However, students under this kind of education system usually have low self-esteem, because they will be classified into categories, or even labeled as ‘incompetent’. Our goal is to improve the level of learning, self-care and emotional control of different types and other children, so that children are no longer labeled. As a result, more than 50% of the students of TSDJ are SEN — including autism, hyperactivity, lack of concentration, and developmental delay. We can all do the same. We just learn a little slower.’ We uphold this philosophy and hope that the community will know that they can also live their best lives. In the course of running the Dojang field, we discovered how Taekwondo can help them, and how kinetic energy can help them. Fortunately, foreign studies have pointed out the benefits of taekwondo and sports to SEN children. In addition, because the content of taekwondo training is very similar to sensory training or intensive training, and compared with intensive training or sensory training, taekwondo is more interesting and goal It is easier to enjoy it, and it will not resist training, and finally reach our goal of improving the level of children’s friendship.

Taekwondo Lesson Cards

We have designed Taekwondo Lesson cards for SEN Taekwondo students, including ’Fist Card’, ‘Footwork Card’, ‘Rest Card’ and so on. At the beginning, when we launched the visual cue card, the effect was not ideal. After some research, it turned out that we designed the cue card too beautifully, which made the students feel different. Therefore, we specially invited the special assistance of SEN to revise the reminder card for us, and changed the reminder card instructions to the most simple and straightforward words. After modification, the effect of the reminder card is very remarkable, and it is suitable for use in all of our special taekwondo classes. The reminder card not only makes it easier for students to understand the instructions of the training, but also enables students to practice at home using the reminder cards such as ‘Fist Card’ and ‘Footwork Card’. Most of the directors of special centers in special schools read the reminder card and were very impressed. It is clear that SEN students can learn better as long as they pay more attention, and it shows that ‘We can all be the same. We just learn a little slower’.


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